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Q: What is Off The Grid?

A: Off The Grid is a collection of videos created for musicians, engineers, producers (anyone who’s into music and technology, really) who want to learn how to become a playback engineer or show programmer.

Q: What’s the difference between a Show Programmer and Playback Engineer?

A: A Show Programmer is someone who uses a Digital Audio Software (like Ableton Live) to design and build a backing track system, live autotune, on-stage MIDI, etc… for an artist or band.  A playback engineer operates that system while an artist performs live onstage.


Q: What skills do I need to be a Show Programmer or Playback Engineer?


A: You need 3 things to be a great programmer/engineer: 1) basic music knowledge (key signatures, time signatures, bpm, etc…), 2) be organized and a clear communicator, and 3) a quick and efficient Ableton Live user (which I can teach you!)

Q: What do I need to take this video course?


A: You’ll need a computer with internet connection and a copy of Ableton Live (you can get a free, fully functioning trial for 90 days on their website)

Q: Can I be both a Show Programmer and a Playback Engineer on a gig?

A: Absolutely!  In fact, in many cases, the person who designs & builds the show operates it live.

Q: How long is the video course?

A: Currently, it’s about 3 hours of content, with more on the way.


Q: Do I have to watch every video in order?


A: The videos are designed to be watched in the order they’re presented, and later videos definitely build upon information presented in earlier videos.  But certain videos (“Warping”, “IAC Driver”, etc…) are more standalone concepts.


Q: How do I purchase the course?


A: Use this link to purchase a membership & create an account.


Q: I don’t like subscriptions is there an option to just pay a flat fee?


A: The short answer is no, with the reason being that I plan on rolling out new video content very soon!  Playback and Programming is an industry that is constantly evolving, so as software/technology/hardware evolves so will the videos.  


Q: Will I get charged again at the end of 1 year?

A: Nope!  You’ll get an email a couple weeks before your membership ends with an option to re-purchase if you’re still enjoying the content.  


Q: Are you planning on adding any more videos soon?

A: Yes!  My plan for Off The Grid is that as the industry and technology evolve, I’ll update my videos accordingly.  


Q: Can you help me get a job as a playback engineer or programmer?

A: There are no guarantees, however, it’s quite possible.  Taking this course doesn't automatically make you a great playback engineer, but it'll give you a decent starting point and empower you with the information you need to break into one of the fastest growing (and best paying) positions in the live music business.  

Q: I don’t live in LA, NY or Nashville, can I still work as a programmer or Playback Engineer?


A: Absolutely!  Wedding/event bands, DJs, & Houses of Worship all often utilize playback, and can be a great place to start if you’re looking for gigs.

Q: I want to start using tracks in my band, does this course teach me how to do that?

A: Yes!

Q: My card got charged twice by accident, can I get a refund?

A: Accidents happen.  Just reach out on the contact page and we'll get you sorted.

Q: I want to start getting into playback but I don’t have money to spend on interfaces, plugins, and multiple laptops, where should I start?

A: Building a full playback system from scratch can cost a pretty penny.  Fortunately, you’ll be able to rent everything you need from us very soon, stay tuned for more info!

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